The gathering of electronic tribes 2018

As snow covers Finland, the land of 187,888 lakes, nature braces itself for yet another cycle of deep frost and piercing gusts of northern winds. As do people: we gather around warmth and work on our arts, crafts and other tricks aimed for the sweet summer shenanigans, the time when we shed our winter cocoons and go back to the forest to play music and dance.

Kosmos Festival is a gathering of a wide variety of people. Hypnotic techno shakes hands with freaky suomisoundi. The chill stage has been one of the biggest successes every year. Not a day goes by without next level drum’n’bass or breakbeat. We try not to call any stage ’main’, but as a result of natural force, the psy-forest-womb that is Vortex stage is the beating heart of the dancing Kosmos, showcasing a stylish, strong lineup that is hand picked for the deep forest setting.

Located in the beautiful Finnish countryside, the road to Kosmos is an experience in itself. After a 2-3 hour drive from our nations capital, Helsinki, you will arrive in the lake district of Finland where a couple of extra days around the festival for relaxation would not go amiss. The locals are delighted to see festival people around the area, and it is always a great idea to test the local delicacies of family bakeries and farms.

The festival itself provides three days of music, art, workshops, circus, damn fine woods, sweet crazy beautiful people and some of the best festival food around. Tickets usually sell quite fast, so it is suggested to catch them while you can. Camping in the area is a lot of fun, with a lake at walking distance and, of course, the Finnish Sauna.

Kosmos is a family grown around the best beats and squelches we know of. It is an extension to, or a fruit, of life long friendships. We are borne of a very special dance culture, and we would like to welcome You all to share it with us in Kosmos Festival 2018!!!

”Ihmiset, metsä, luonnonläheisyys. Oli helppo paeta festarialueen hektisyyttä rannalle tai metsään. Festareiden visuaalisesta ilmeestä paljon rispektiä. Uskomatonta! Antoi musiikille maailman jossa elää. Pidin!”

– Festarikävijä

”Oli todella upeat festarit ja selvästi nähty vaivaa! Monipuoliset ruokakojut superisti plussaa. Vegaanius ja raakaruoat olivat loistavia.”

– Festarikävijä

”Huippua oli se, että alue oli laaja ja tutkittavaa riitti. Oli mukavaa, että jokaiselle oli jotain, eri ala-genret oli huomioitu kivasti. Kotilosta plussaa, heidän tekemä työ on ilmaisten rannekkeiden arvoista! Plussaa myös siitä, että järkkärit olivat leppoisia eivätkä tuntuneet uhkalta.”

– Festarikävijä

Matlock Visuals

Amazing work of our Amazing VJ Janne Ahola – Matlock Visuals

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Kosmos Festival 2018 - liput - Närhilä, Ristiina - 6. - 8.7.2018 - Tiketti

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Henkilön kansikuva

☆ VIIMEISET TIKETIN ENNAKKOLIPUT NYT MYYNNISSÄ! ☆ Hei kosmonautit ja avaruusmatkaajat, viimeiset Kosmos Festival 2018 ennakkoliput ovat..

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