It is time to start gearing up for next summer and another installation of the Kosmos Festival. We started planning the third Kosmos immediately when the second one ended this summer. Planning the festival is something that happens all the time in our minds, every day, everywhere we are. There are so many questions in the air about what’s coming up, but we think the most important ones are these:

What is the Kosmos community? How does one become a Kosmonaut?

Communities are amongst the most mystical things humans have created. They are at the same time invisible and very concrete. Communities can be physically experienced when they come together, like during the Kosmos Festival week every year. In other times of the year, they exist in our hearts, minds and brains.

You can become a Kosmonaut even before having ever been to the actual festival. You can start planning your trip, getting to know the artists, working your crafts – or studying and practicing new ones – to build costumes or pimping up your tent or hammock setup. You can even start decorating your car or bike (saw that unicorn pic in our transportations updates last time?), because the Kosmos Festival experience really begins when you start preparing, let alone when you and your friends meet up to start the journey to the forests of Närhilä.

The Kosmos community exists every day, right where you are at the moment, reading this text. Sometimes life throws you lemons and things may not be that easy in the daily drill, but one of our goals when organizing this festival is to give you the strength use those lemons to make some nice lemonade for your trip to Kosmos. We are all a part of this community and it manifests in the most beautiful way every summer when we get together.

Start getting ready to next year right now! Life is too precious to waste, and it is our responsibility to make it beautiful. Let us see what you can do during the next Kosmos, whether it was your customized outfit or tent, new juggling acts or dance moves you’ve learned, or just jokes or stories from your life during the past year.

Bring all the good things you have experienced during the year to share with us in Kosmos Festival, and remember during every difficult moment you have, that we are together here as a community, ready to help, support and love each other.

Can’t wait to see you in summer of 2016, Kosmonauts!!!

“Ihmiset, metsä, luonnonläheisyys. Oli helppo paeta festarialueen hektisyyttä rannalle tai metsään. Festareiden visuaalisesta ilmeestä paljon rispektiä. Uskomatonta! Antoi musiikille maailman jossa elää. Pidin!”

– Festarikävijä

“Oli todella upeat festarit ja selvästi nähty vaivaa! Monipuoliset ruokakojut superisti plussaa. Vegaanius ja raakaruoat olivat loistavia.”

– Festarikävijä

“Huippua oli se, että alue oli laaja ja tutkittavaa riitti. Oli mukavaa, että jokaiselle oli jotain, eri ala-genret oli huomioitu kivasti. Kotilosta plussaa, heidän tekemä työ on ilmaisten rannekkeiden arvoista! Plussaa myös siitä, että järkkärit olivat leppoisia eivätkä tuntuneet uhkalta.”

– Festarikävijä