Kosmos -festival tickets are sold universally in Tiketti.fi. We are offering a limited amount of cheaper tickets in different price categories, so be sure to act quick! Altogether 2000 tickets will be sold to Kosmos Festival. Welcome!

3 day ticket categories

1. Category 55e + 3,5e Tiketti service fee – sold out
2. Category 65e + 3,5e Tiketti service fee – sold out
3. Category 75e + 3,5e Tiketti service fee – Sold out
4. Category 85e + 3,5e Tiketti service fee
5. Tickets at the festival gate 100e

Bus tickets

Kosmos Bus is the easiest way to get straight into the Kosmos and back!

All departures and routes for 06.07. – 08.07.2018 below. All buses departs back at 6 pm on Sunday from the festival site.

• Two-way bus ticket fee 30 €

BUS Friday 06.07.18:

Helsinki 1: 12.00 (Art Museum Kiasma)
Helsinki 2: 17.00 (Art Museum Kiasma)
Lahti 1: 13.30 (Matkakeskus)
Lahti 2: 18.30 (Matkakeskus)
Tampere: 17.00 (Bus station)
Jyväskylä 17.00 (Matkakeskus)
Oulu 09.00 (Tickets)