Kosmos -festival tickets are sold universally in Tiketti.fi. We are offering a limited amount of cheaper tickets in different price categories, so be sure to act quick! Altogether 2000 tickets will be sold to Kosmos Festival. Welcome!

3 day ticket categories

1. Category 55e + 3,5e Tiketti service fee – sold out
2. Category 65e + 3,5e Tiketti service fee – sold out
3. Category 75e + 3,5e Tiketti service fee – Sold out
4. Category 85e + 3,5e Tiketti service fee
5. Tickets at the festival gate 100e

Bus tickets & Train tickets

Kosmos Bus & Train is the easiest way to get straight into the Kosmos and back!

All departures and routes for 07.07. – 09.07.2017 below. All buses departs back at 6 pm on Sunday from the festival site.

• Two-way Train ticket fee 70 € (way back is by bus from festival area)
• One-way Train ticket fee 55 €
• Two-way bus ticket fee 30 €

FESTIVAL TRAIN Friday 07.07.17:

Helsinki around 13.00 (Pasila station)
Train will stop at Lahti for more passengers, same ticket is valid for both stations
exact time will be published http://www.kosmosfestival.fi/partytrain

BUS Friday 07.07.17:

Helsinki 1: 13.00 (Art Museum Kiasma)
Helsinki 2: 17.00 (Art Museum Kiasma)
Lahti 1: 14.30 (Matkakeskus)
Lahti 2: 18.30 (Matkakeskus)
Tampere: 17.00 (Bus station)