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↓ Introduction ↓

As snow covers Finland, the land of 187,888 lakes, nature braces itself for yet another cycle of deep frost and piercing gusts of northern winds. As do people: we gather around warmth and work on our arts, crafts and other tricks aimed for the sweet summer shenanigans, the time when we shed our winter cocoons and go back to the forest to play music and dance.

Kosmos Festival is a gathering of a wide variety of people. Hypnotic techno shakes hands with freaky suomisoundi. The chill stage has been one of the biggest successes every year. Not a day goes by without next level drum’n’bass or breakbeat. We try not to call any stage ’main’, but as a result of natural force, the psy-forest-womb that is Vortex stage is the beating heart of the dancing Kosmos, showcasing a stylish, strong lineup that is hand picked for the deep forest setting.

Located in the beautiful Finnish countryside, the road to Kosmos is an experience in itself. After a 2-3 hour drive from our nations capital, Helsinki, you will arrive in the lake district of Finland where a couple of extra days around the festival for relaxation would not go amiss. The locals are delighted to see festival people around the area, and it is always a great idea to test the local delicacies of family bakeries and farms.

The festival itself provides three days of music, art, workshops, circus, damn fine woods, sweet crazy beautiful people and some of the best festival food around. Tickets usually sell quite fast, so it is suggested to catch them while you can. Camping in the area is a lot of fun, with a lake at walking distance and, of course, the Finnish Sauna.

Kosmos is a family grown around the best beats and squelches we know of. It is an extension to, or a fruit, of life long friendships. We are borne of a very special dance culture, and we would like to welcome You all to share it with us in Kosmos Festival 2019!


Over 200 artists on 5 stages!

↓ Vortex Stage ↓
↓ Gravity Stage ↓
↓ Space Time Stage ↓
Arutani (CH)

Arutani (CH)

Arutani (CH)

Sensient (AU)

Sensient (AU)

Sensient (AU)




Shogo Buzz

Shogo Buzz

Shogo Buzz

↓ Levitation Station ↓


Guyver (UK)

Guyver (UK)

Guyver (UK)




Fa Na Tek

fa na te.jpg











↓ Asteroid Stage ↓

Space Rock

No posts found.



↓ See the area map & legend ↓

Area Map

Hover the map and click to get the legend

Sauna & Lake

Yes, there is a beach near the festival site. So please take your bikinis and speedos with you! The beach will be open during the day-time opening hours announced later. There will be public shower as well on the festival site.


There will be a camping area next to the festival site and the parking area. If you have a caravan, you need to reserve space from info@kosmosfestival.fi

Space Time Stage

Come and dive into the full dome visuals and enjoy some relaxed time at Space Time

Vortex Stage

The womb of the festival area.

Gravity Stage

The name is something you defy here. Get elevated!

Levitation Station

There is a beautiful little spot in the Kosmos Festival forest, slightly off the beaten path. Snug in the embrace of tall trees, laced with beautiful decor, several elf-like creatures are happily dancing to the sound of dimension-defying, earth-shattering bassdrums that only give way to carpet-bombing synthleads that rip your cerebral cortex out and take it out for a spin.

Little is there to deny that music has a power to shake us to our core, and this is exactly what Levitation Station -stage in Kosmos Festival is about. Excluding a slight breather during Saturday, when Suomisoundi -spugewizards like Suomies and Ruohotukka weave their concoctions, this snug little stage is home to a sonic apocalypse.

On Friday, UK visitors A.B and Random But Raw lead the way to the harder spectre of things, including hard/techtrance, NRG, style and hardcore. There will not be an excuse to rave your little elf-butt off to these beats, but do leave room for Saturday night in your appetite.

There are very few more immersive experiences in the world than hearing damn well produced hi-tech psytrance in a sweet soundsystem in the middle of the forest. Gotalien, Liink and Necropsycho, along with the ever-growing local crew of connoisseurs of the faster beat, will most definitely take you places. Inside and outside.

Levitation Station.


Enjoy the shows! Be amazed by the fire!

Parking 1 & 2

There will be a guarded parking site near the festival area. Parking fee is 10 € for a car, 20 € for a camper van.

First Aid & Security

First Aid & Security


There will be a bazaar area and a bar in the festival area. Bringing your own drinks & booze to the festival area is forbidden.

Food vendors and other shops please contact shops@kosmosfestival.fi

Asteroid Stage

Space Rock and Suomi Saundi, what a wonderfull compination!

Solar Temple

Lectures and Workshops


Thirsty? You know what to do.

Family Camping

Are you with the little ones? Here you can get the nights sleep hidden from the ambient commotion of the regular camping. 🙂


Thirsty? You know what to do.


Your local psyhelp team Kotilo comes with a couple of cozy tents, comforting company, advice for safer partying and electrolyte drinks for your refreshment.

Things getting overwhelming? Need a space to just be for a while? Wish there’d be someone to sit beside you, to maybe hold your hand or offer some words of encouragement?

Kotilo’s safe space emits a calming presence, offering you confidential support in case of difficult experiences or moments of feeling lost in the intensity of the festival.


Get your festival program and other info here!


Exchange your ticket for a bracelet or buy your festival ticket here!


This is a bar, you know what to do here...

↓ Area Info ↓


There is a camping area next to the festival site and the parking area. If you have a caravan, you need to reserve space from info@kosmosfestival.fi

Family camping

There is a camping area dedicated only for families with kids. At family camping you will find petting zoo and other kind of family friendly activities.


There is a guarded parking site near the festival area. Parking fee is 10 € for a car, 20 € for a camper van.

Lake & Beach

Yes, there is a beach near the festival site. So please take your bikinis and speedos with you! The beach will be open during the day-time. Opening hours announced later. There is a public shower on the festival site as well.

Food & drinks & shopping

A bazaar area and bars are provided in the festival area. Bringing your own alcohol to the festival area is forbidden, other drinks need to be in an unopened container.
Food vendors and other shops please contact shops@kosmosfestival.fi*
↓ Location & Map ↓


Kosmos Festival site is located in the Närhilä Village in Ristiina, in the middle of the lakes of beautiful, forest-rich Eastern Finland. Exact location Raitinpurontie, 52510 Ristiina, Finland.

Kosmos Festival will arrange bus transportation services to the festival site from major cities such as Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu.
There is a guarded parking site near the festival area with parking fee.
↓ Ticket Info ↓


Kosmos -festival tickets are sold universally in Tiketti.fi. We are offering a limited amount of cheaper tickets in different price categories, so be sure to act quick! Altogether 2000 tickets will be sold to Kosmos Festival. Welcome!
Age limit: 18+, but youngsters under 18 are welcome with their parents and kids under 15 can enjoy the festival free of charge!

3 day ticket categories

1. Category 55e + 3,5e Tiketti service fee – sold out
2. Category 65e + 3,5e Tiketti service fee – sold out
3. Category 75e + 3,5e Tiketti service fee – limited 150 pieces (sales start 1.12.2019)
4. Category 85e + 3,5e Tiketti service fee
5. Tickets at the festival gate 100e

Bus tickets

Kosmos Bus is the easiest way to get straight into Kosmos and back!
Bus tickets will be sold during spring – watch this space!
All departures and routes for 26.07. – 28.07.2019 below. All buses departs back from Kosmos festival site at 6 pm on Sunday.
• Two-way bus ticket fee 30 €
BUS Friday 26.07.19:
Helsinki 1: 12.00 (Art Museum Kiasma)
Helsinki 2: 17.00 (Art Museum Kiasma)
Lahti 1: 13.30 (Matkakeskus)
Lahti 2: 18.30 (Matkakeskus)
Tampere: 12.00 (Bus station)
Tampere: 17.00 (Bus station)