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Area Map
Sauna & Lake Camping Space Time Stage Vortex Stage Gravity Stage Levitation Station Circus Parking 1 & 2 First Aid & Security Bazaar Asteroid Stage Solar Temple Bar Family Camping Bar Kotilo Info Tickets Bar

Sauna & Lake

Yes, there is a beach near the festival site. So please take your bikinis and speedos with you! The beach will be open during the day-time opening hours announced later. There will be public shower as well on the festival site.


There will be a camping area next to the festival site and the parking area. If you have a caravan, you need to reserve space from

Space Time Stage

The best kept secret of Kosmos Festival, Spacetime -stage is semi-hidden in the deep woods where winding, decorated paths lead. Mistakenly considered as a chillout stage, Spacetime provides many kinds of musical experiences. Some of the wildest dance-offs have been seen in this intensive spot between the tall trees in our past Kosmos editions. There's plenty of music here to chill to, of course, but don't get too lazy... These beats are electric!

Vortex Stage

Dubbed as the main stage of Kosmos Festival, Vortex lives up to this name by showcasing some of the best talent in the psychedelic world in both musical and visual artists. The dance area is surrounded by dense forest that gives the dancers a feeling of cozy togetherness. Vortex is the beating heart of psy-trance in Kosmos Festival with a lineup of local and foreign talent from all dimensions of the psy-spectrum.

Gravity Stage

Diversity is the name of the game in Gravity -stage, with a lineup of techno fit for the forest, live acts, drum'n'bass and a whole lot more. For several years, Gravity has given us completely new experiences in dancing under the Finnish sky. The stage has been completely redesigned for the 2019 edition of Kosmos Festival, taking into account all the tips and tricks we've received from our Kosmonauts in the previous years.

Levitation Station

Born out of popular demand, there is a black hole in the deep woods of Kosmos Festival area. This hole sucks you in and spits you out with little to no mercy. Levitation Station is all about a wall of well-curated noise that elevates you to a godless galaxy of bigger and bolder, rougher and tougher sounds. In other words sucker, there is no other!


Enjoy the shows! Be amazed by the fire!

Parking 1 & 2

There will be a guarded parking site near the festival area. Parking fee is 10 € for a car, 20 € for a camper van.

First Aid & Security

First Aid & Security


There will be a bazaar area and a bar in the festival area. Bringing your own drinks & booze to the festival area is forbidden.

Food vendors and other shops please contact

Asteroid Stage

Oozing with musical genius, Asteroid is the home of the original psychespugeprogedelic groove. One of our more recent additions to the Kosmos Festival stages, this one is dedicated to both the style of music that gave a kickstart to most of the other sounds that we present in Kosmos Festival, as well as the finest of Suomisoundi we have to offer in Finland. Enjoy the originally outlandish out-there bands and dj's you probably never heard before!

Solar Temple

Lectures and Workshops


Thirsty? You know what to do.

Family Camping

Are you with the little ones? Here you can get the nights sleep hidden from the ambient commotion of the regular camping. :)


Thirsty? You know what to do.


Your local psyhelp team Kotilo comes with a couple of cozy tents, comforting company, advice for safer partying and electrolyte drinks for your refreshment.

Things getting overwhelming? Need a space to just be for a while? Wish there’d be someone to sit beside you, to maybe hold your hand or offer some words of encouragement?

Kotilo’s safe space emits a calming presence, offering you confidential support in case of difficult experiences or moments of feeling lost in the intensity of the festival.


Get your festival program and other info here!


Exchange your ticket for a bracelet or buy your festival ticket here!


This is a bar, you know what to do here...